Instruments for Monitoring our Environment
Light Sensors & Systems Shortform  UV Light Measurement Single Channel Light Sensors - unamplified 1 Channel Custom Sensor  Lux Sensor PAR Energy Sensor PAR Line Quantum Sensor  PAR Quantum Sensor PAR Special Sensor Pyranometer Sensor Single Channel Light Sensors – amplified HOPL Sensor Sensors for Environmental Chambers – Industry UV Index Sensor  UVA Sensor  UVB Sensor UVI Sensor Specifications of Skye UV Sensors An overview of Skye UV Sensors Underwater Light Sensor Underwater Light Sensor Multi-channel Sensors 2 channel Sensor for short-term projects - not waterproof - SKR 1800 NEW 2-channel Sensor for long-term projects and permanent outside installtions - waterproof -SKR 1840 4 channel Sensor for short term projects - not waterproof - SKR 1850 NDVI Sensors Red Far-Red Sensor - SKR 110 NEW - 4-channel Multi-spectral Radiometers - SKR 1860 Specialist Sensors Hansatech Quantum Light sensor for mammal tags Systems Light Meter for Photovoltaics Light Meter for Growers Display Meters Apollo Display Meter for General Applications Apollo Display Meter for Specialist Applications Apollo Meter Standard Display Meter Dedicated Light Measurement Meters & Loggers SpectroSense2 for Quality Assurance SpectroSense2 - General Purpose  SpectroSense2+ SpectroSense2  & Meter for GPS  SpectroSense2+ for NDVI Accessories Levelling Unit and mounts Pole for NDVI System Underwater Lowering Frame SKM 227 Mounting & Levelling unit for off-nadir measurements SKM 227S Mounting & Levelling unit for off-nadir measurements SKL 916 - Tripod Light Sensor Mount for HOPLs SKM 229 Bracket SKM 232 Horizontal Pole Mount SKM 234 Horizontal Pole Mount Applications Light Sensors & Systems for Precision Agriculture Light Sensors & Systems for PRI Measurements Light Sensors & Systems for Remote Sensing Land-based Remote Sensing Systems
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